This calculator is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute an offer of employment.  There is no guarantee as to the accuracy of the data.  You should perform all of your own calculations when making decisions regarding your current or future employment.

This calculator makes the following assumptions:
Federal Income Tax rate of 35%, Capital Gains Tax rate of 15% The value of a fee based book in an RIA model is 2x that of a fee based book inside a wirehouse model

The actual average annual growth rate for RIAs is 12% vs 10% for wirehouse brokers.  (Source: Wirehouse Assets & RIA Assets, Cerulli Associates). However this calculator uses average
growth rates of 10% for RIAs and 8% for wirehouse brokers.

First Name Last Name      
   The Percentage of AUM would estimate taking with you to another Firm Current Trailing 12 Months Gross Production Current Brokerage Firm    $             
   The Retirement Planning Group Payout Brokerage Firm Payout   Up-Front Check You Are Considering    Back-End Up-Front   

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