Suits or Pajamas?

Instead of picking your favorite tie to wear to work, what if you got to pick your favorite pajamas? With our technology, we make it easy for advisors to work from home on a full or part-time basis. So, next time you have a sick kid, don't feel like fighting rush hour traffic, or just feel like staying home and lounging in your underwear all day, knock yourself out. We’ll help you set up all the technology to make it happen.

How is it possible to work from anywhere in the world?

•  Our office phone system networked directly into your house (when the
   phone rings at the office, it rings at home too)
•  Voicemails automatically emailed to each advisor
•  Remote access to your contact management software (CRM)
•  Remote access to all of your client electronic files
•  Calendar sharing and emailing is remotely synched with your PDA or Smartphone
•  Instant access to Online Client Performance Reporting
•  Secure remote access to Trading Platform & Client Information
•  Phone in dictation service

How watered-down is your firm's technology?  


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