We are by no means computer geeks, but something we pride ourselves on is being early and frequent adopters of technology. Imagine a paperless office where you can access a client's file from anywhere in the world. Imagine a firm that has the capability to set up an office phone that rings directly to your home office (in the event that you decide to work at home on Fridays). Imagine remote access to all of your clients’ information...without having to dig through some file cabinet at the back of the office. Imagine dictating notes on your client meetings into your phone and having the notes emailed to you in text format. Imagine remote synching capabilities with your phone that notifies you of emails and when meetings have been scheduled by your assistant. Imagine accessing your work computer from anywhere in the world.

Well, imagine no more. If it's technology that makes your life easier, we are already doing it. And our current advisors are taking full advantage of it.




Does your Compliance Department use the Pony Express?  


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